Trailblazers helps Virginia Career, Technical, and Adult Education professionals find and use data about occupations and employment to plan courses and programs. We can also help you to find data and information for other purposes: preparing grant proposals, answering questions from the school board, educating students and parents about education requirements and job opportunities, and more. When you have data questions, please contact us.

CTE Administrator Training

Access the 12/3/2020 CTE Administrator Training Session PowerPoint with links to resources: Navigating CTE Instruction Using Virtual Resources.

Employment Projections

The most recent employment projects by Local Workforce Investment Area are available on the Labor Market Data page.

Occupations and Careers


Nontraditional Courses and Students

Full details about non-traditional courses (including course numbers, assigned career clusters, and more) are available in Appendices A-I of the CTERS User’s Manual. If your division is having trouble meeting goals for nontraditional completers, it is also important to understand how nontraditional course feed into completer sequences, so that you can help nontraditional students return for a second qualifying course and thus become a nontraditional completer. Information on program sequences is available in the Administrative Planning Guide.

Occupations in Green Economy

Download the projection data for occupations that may be a part of the Green Economy in Virginia here.

Child Labor Laws

View a side-by-side comparison of state and federal child labor laws for youth work-based learning in Virginia.

Other Data Resources

For those who like to look things up themselves, here are some of the most valuable data resources for Virginia.

  • Community Profiles for every Virginia locality include data on population, commuting patterns, unemployment rates, educational attainment, and almost every other detail that you might want to know about your community.
  • Quick Facts from the Census Bureau: Want more detail on your community? Census Quick Facts will tell you more than you can imagine, from the median value of owner-occupied homes, to the percent speaking a language other than English at home.
  • Business Finder: Helps you find employers in different industry and occupation sectors in your locality. May provide leads for those looking for employers partners or co-op participants.
  • You can find a list of the 50 largest employers by locality – either by county or LWIA –  in each community profile.